Caring and comprehensive treatment of the ear, nose, and throat.

We hear you. All the technology and advanced techniques in the world take a backseat to good listening. That’s why our ear, nose, and throat doctors spend time truly understanding what you need. Finding the right solution for you is what motivates the team at northeast wisconsin ear • nose • throat.

  •  northeast wisconsin ear • nose • throat ear doctors and licensed audiologists diagnose your hearing loss or balance problems, suggesting affordable hearing aids, if needed. We focus on the prevention, identification, assessment, and non-medical treatment of hearing disorders.
  • northeast wisconsin ear • nose • throat sinus doctors use the latest in sinus infection treatment to reduce sinus problems, provide relief from nasal congestion, and improve breathing. If minimally invasive sinus surgery is necessary, our goal is reduced pain and a fast recovery.
  • northeast wisconsin ear • nose • throat throat doctors are experts in diagnosing and treating problems in the neck area, including any thyroid, voice problems & hoarseness, snoring disorders, and swallowing difficulties.

northeast wisconsin ear • nose • throat is a Bellin Health partner proudly serving the greater Green Bay region—from Appleton up to Michigan’s U.P. and from Shawano to Manitowoc. Expect ENT doctors with warm smiles and effective solutions for the ear, nose, and throat. A healthy, happy you is our top priority at northeast wisconsin ear • nose • throat.